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Friday, April 29, 2011

royal wedding

it has been years that we havent seen weddings of the royalty..
which is after the marriage of charles and diana
and everyone is looking forward to see them LIVE

well actually what my mum said,,
diana was more beautiful than cate..

but for me both are beautiful..
its just diana ,, her face looks kind and all..
and i bet that is why my mum loves her more..

so the newly weds had juz gone for a honeymoon
(im just guessing , sorry if this is a mistake)
and we watched all day in tv
it took so long that i missed to see them going into that building..
(gone to a friends house after having a driving class)
but well still they are beautiful though
and im grateful to watch the weds
hopefully they live happily ever after
hihi ~

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