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Saturday, November 24, 2012

me ; unbalanced ?

.السلام عليكم.

hey peeps ! yes , yes . i'm back . :)
happy to see me being a happy gal huh ?
okay , i'm happy . i admit , but not that *fat* happy .
see this . *pointing upwards .
i think i have a serious problem in this case . *sigh*

i know , i ate a lot . i mean a lil' lot . maybe ? no ? okay . serves me right .
i can't even stand properly . push me a little , i'm down . *err , what ?
i am sooooo not skinny okay ? don't imagine me being a stick girl . 
it is sooooo not me .

i've tried to eat more or less . okay , whichever . hoping to get a balance weight or so .
but i've gain a little , surprisingly . HAHA maybe this is ideal for me . MAYBE .
yes , a little is okay . *mindspeaking .

okay , this is little . haha . can't gain too much . i don't know why .
but it happens . still , i'm grateful .
i feel skinny . FEEL . ONLY . haish .

that's the story . you guys , please donate me some of your fat .
i truly appreciate it . thanks a bunch ! :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

| something to share |

.السلام عليكم.

for those who doesn't know yet .
this is what i'm studying right now .
and i'm PROUD of being a member of it .
twas a long time since i had posted news to this very unfamous blog of mine .
i know, you guys really waited for a LONG, LONG, LONG time . my bad . seriously .
but hey ! i was just making memories, better yet, good stories to tell aye ?

the next thing you have to know, are my FRIENDS . love you guys !
well, not the boy who over-posed than us girls . okay, correction .
he's a friend, but not a friend-friend . got it ? no ? never mind . =.="
twas a lame joke, i know . skip that part .

girls just love to smile for the camera, right ?
. . . . . . . . .
okay, no respond . i get it . it's a blog . hmph !

introducing athirah, ain, nuru, wahidah, me (obviously), sofeana and hanna .
what ? you wanna know which one is which ? try figure it out yourself .
if you're right, i'll give you a free access to read my posts . *wink2 !

you know, final examination is around the corner but i ain't study or improve any subject yet . hopefully, i won't get the worst grades in my history of life . HOPEFULLY . Gulp !
i'm a first year student, and this time i really felt the time passed quickly . hhmmmm .
and within these times, great experience had i gained . the sweet, the sour, and all .

i went to palam that one holiday, remembering all the stairs, all the laughter, all the fresh air, all the lecture hall, all the college, and especially all my former friends . 
i missed that time . i REALLY do . hoping you are missing me too . :'(

life as a degree student is not that easy kids ! 
who says you'll be less burden or anything similar to that ? it's all a lie .
well, what can i say :
you won't achieve success if you won't work harder in your life . 
with this, you will really taste the sweetness of your hard work .

this was just taken a few days ago . me and my pals . hanging out together .
at the sunway piramid . didn't plan it but followed our feet, where to go .
taking pictures the classic way . ( in the toilet )
these little ugly faces are sometimes cute, you know ? :)
they are marsella and alia . my former schoolmates . 

there were so many things happened yet i cannot type all of them down today .
i'm not a robot you know . if i was, then i can't express feelings like humans do .
so yeah, i do want to share my little memories with you . so do be patient .
and thanks a lot you know . :3 for being a part in my life .

love ,