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Saturday, February 23, 2013

that random post :D

.السلام عليكم.

hi. see how time flew by.
and i am really growing up.
needless to say, but i've been very lazy these past few months.
things have changed and lots of memories created.
i lost my pals because of that particular day.

yes, the result day.
grateful to have passed.
*won't be dealing with that failure again like last time*

but my friends have been, well ...
*cough, cough*

anyway, i think this second semester is the start of our new worries.
hahaha because all i know is that, from what i've seen and read in the course outline.
its totally not that rocks your life.
everybody will have their worry lines on their forehead. 
even mua.

i'm sensing i'll be carrying a load of work where i'll be dealing with the freshmen.
particularly in their curricular, cause i've participated in this thing ...
its where you are the head of something.
and i'm waiting for it.

all of us are making new hopes and new aims.
of course all of us wants that flat 4. duh!
just hoping that ALL OF US will grasp in every subject we're taking.

that's all.
just typing to feel back what i've missed. :)