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Friday, July 25, 2014

A Story I Wrote

.السلام عليكم.

                    It was a morning like any other morning . The sun shines above my head , the water was clear and the clouds were fair . i took  a deep breathe . " Fascinating ", as i said . world full of glorious and happiness filled the air . Walking down the path i knew , stopping to see whether there was something new . But only full of bushes and flower beds . Beauty was their appearance as i came to stare . 

                    " Hey kiddo ! What is up ?", said one voice suddenly .
                    I tried to find the source of the voice but none i saw .
                    " Up here !", it said again .

                   Then i looked up , saw my boyfriend was up on the tree . Then , he came jumping down but no sound was heard when he reached the ground . I was overjoyed when he came to see me for i do love him .

                    " How about a walk ?", he asked .
                    " Sure ", i said .

                    My heart leapt high as i was very happy . We walked through some rocks and trees until we found the river where we used to be . Then , naturally I caught a fish and he did too . Both of us stared at each other as we put the fish on the ground .

                    " Lunch time !", he said .

                    We both ate the fish hungrily . I stared at him with my dazzling eyes because i knew he really liked it . He then licked me on my face and i liked that too for i knew it meant that ' I Love You '. It was a simple body language but meant only for me  . Both of us loved to play and chit-chat all the time , everyday . I really loved him not only because of his appearances but also the kind heart he had . I appreciate him as much as he appreciate me .

                     But all of it was going to be the past . Then disaster came as we were in the field . I saw a big creature that i did not recognize at first behind my back . And i did not make a note about it until i noticed a sound not far away from where we stood . I used my eagle eye to search for the source . My boyfriend went to where he thought the sound came from . Suddenly , out of nowhere .

                    " Watch out ! A python !", he shouted . I looked back and saw that huge and hideous creature . It was five times the size of me . I hissed at it and stood on my ground . Preparing to attack when my boyfriend came and everything went upside down .

                    The python had my boyfriend . He tried to freed himself but no luck . I shouted at it ," You hideous creature . Don't kill my boyfriend !". And then , i went to it and bit its body as hard as i could . I knew my fangs were not too sharp but it would do to loose my boyfriend a bit . But still no use . The python tried to reach for me as i tried to avoid from it back and forth . My boyfriend was tired and exhausted as i could see before my own eyes . And i swore to myself i won't let this beast got away . 

                  The python was quick as i wanted to scratch its head . I hissed fiercely and i clutched myself and inserted my claws into its body until it bled . Then , it loosen its grip on my boyfriend which made him fell to the ground , fainting . The beast was defeated and ran away but mine was already like a fish breathing out of the water . I knew he was dying but i couldn't accept it . I was panting for sure and i cried a bit . 

                    He said ," I love you forever , my dear ."
                    " I love you too", i replied and then he died . 

             I cried for him and from that , i knew i had lost someone who i felt special . My memories of him came one by one making my heart sombre . I couldn't handle my feelings as i scratched every tree in the area . Making myself more upset , I had to comfort myself and make myself believe that he had gone to somewhere nice waiting for me . 

                    I just couldn't believe that it was the day i witnessed him died and it really made my heart strucked . I felt pain in my heart and i cried bitterly . My fur was still stucked with his smell and i knew i would missed that . I tried to be calmer as the minutes passed and i hope not to cry anymore because i knew he was there somewhere but in another world . Then , i decided to head home feeling sad when i knew no one will ever be with me the next day because i knew there was only one fascinating cat like him that i love so much in my entire life .

-- 4 Jannatul Ma'wa
-- 27th October 2009
-- Mrs. Aida Mohamed