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Monday, April 25, 2011

my story life starts here..:D

im not looking 4 popularity o sth bt juz wat ppl say passion..
not dat juz wat i wanted to do bt 4 ur info,,its wat i really do..
blabbering or so..haha 

so dis is a new start 4 me..
in fact,,i love telling stories wat others might wanna noe wat i was doing when im away frm them..
dat is interesting..haha not dat im not aware i used to blurf in eng bt well,,it juz suits me..
well i might talk like othrs bt wat my mind say will definitely cme out with eng..

srry,,if u juz dont undrstand..well,,1 advice..4get wat i said..
haha~jus joking..

so thats all i wanna say 4 a start..hoping dis will help me get rid all my feelings of stressful n also my feelings of missing my pals..

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