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Saturday, August 27, 2011

fly high

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

i just can't wait to go back home.
yeah, with all the study.

aidilfitri is coming! :)

as everyone here has gone back home, me and the fellas still stuck in PALAM. :'(
but today is our departure day.

i'm coming home
i'm coming home
tell the world that i'm coming home :)
yeeaahhh man! :D

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


assalamualaikum w.b.t.

this is at the time when my belly is full.
went to break fast with my classmate. :)
venue : pendeta *untunglaa~
really have a good time.
took some pictures too.
its just for eating together before aidilfitri.
and i can't wait to board on flight.

bintulu, wait for me! :D

how did i perform?

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

it's been 2 days that we've presented our work.
CSC was on last monday and yesterday was VIVA.
i was so glad it was done.
but for sure i'm that nervous in every single presentation.
good for me that i've tried my very best!

it was such an experience having to stand in front and talk.
me with my big voice of mine. HAHA!

a friend of mine took a video about our group system.
i bet you wanna watch it yourself right?
although my English have its own FLAWS and stuff.

enjoy watching this! :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

dearest :)

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

especially to my friend.
nur aqila bt hisyam

no words can say about you that match the position as a friend of mine.
cause you're too amazing to be described. :)

have a nice life !
watok <3 you so much.

Sunday, August 21, 2011 a special someone..

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

sweet sangat X)

just want to share with you about a special day for him.

syafiq생일 축하합니다.
syafiq! saeng-il chughahabnida.


i've got no presents for you.
maybe if you come here and meet me, i'm sure i'll give it to you.
by the way, i hope you will be happy for the rest of the day.
and before i forgot to say
welcome to the group DUKUN!
sweet 18!

thanx for last night. having a really great fun with you.

lots of hearts,
watok! :)

hurting my feet today -_-"

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

bajet ramai je followers.
ini hari.
went to jalan TAR.yay!
gone with dayah and yana. *as always.
purpose? raya? no!
eh, i mean yes!
just to have some time shopping.
moreover, its one and only opportunity i have. better use it than never right?
anyways, along the journey, there were the expressions and feelings. all are mixed in one day.

i know you've all have seen a dead body. but this one was in ramadhan month. which was yesterday.
i was in a bus, on my way to kl central. when i saw an accident that had occurred.
it was between a motorcycle and a trailer i guess. and so, the motorcycle was, let's just say it was crushed badly.
i saw the body afterwards. the head was covered with a piece of cloth which indicates he has gone.
i felt my legs got weaker cause i know i'm worse when seeing corpse. thank ALLAH i didn't pass out.
innalillahi wainnalillahiraji'un.

as we we're heading towards the KTM in the building, i caught a glimpse of a boy sitting on the side bar.
i thought i recognized him and told dayah about it.
and it seems that he was him.
waiting for someone to pick up.

i've called mum. she said that it's ok to buy a couple of raya attire. she just made one for me back home.
furthermore, she even make a list of to buy things for herself and gave the list to me to search for them.
anyways, dad told me to have fun and be careful. haha.
*i really did have a great time shopping. don't worry, dad. :)"

what is it? can you guess? even my own heart pounded so hard.
it's a matter of bumping into someone i knew.
*he is someone special for me. a friend, a companion.
it wasn't as if i knew he was here (in kl).
but accidentally, thanks to my eyes, i could met him eventhough i just said,"DUKUN".
i was in shocked, apart from him. and i just ran away afterwards. i was in a rush. and i'm speechless at that time and so all i could say was just his nickname. HAHA!
but i caught sight of his sister, syu when she called my name. thanks for remembering me. :)

i waited for the bus to go back home and also planned to reach back before Maghrib.
still, i was in shocked, not believing that i just met him. *ok! snap out of it sister!
in the end, when in shah alam, alia boarded the bus. i called her to come to me.
i told her about what had happened but she happened to know that he did want to go to kl.
and so, i'm the one that doesn't know anything. he even knew that i was going to kl too. *not fair! huhu
when i got back, we broke our fast after we've got out from the bus. haha. 
and went straight to our house. 
that's what i did yesterday.
so, how about your day?

"but thanks to who did!"

Friday, August 19, 2011

yeah! test.

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

today gonna have a pre-test.

*wish me luck*

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

d r e a m h i g h

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

the whole night i spent my time watching this drama with Fatin.
which means i didn't sleep all night.
i strained my eyes just to watch this cute actors and actions.

i was like :
"ouh gosh! what time is it? whoa. we did make it through the night. although it was cold but we manage to finish up watching the drama. wooooo~ is it a waste?"

came to think about it.
i've got lots of things to do.
revision, plans.
i'm kinda slow in education.
ya know.. :/

but i really like the drama.
so cute and stuff.
but the ending,i was hoping for more than that. :'(

it just makes me want to watch it till the end.
i kinda like these guy in the drama. :)
sam dong



both are so cool.
don't get mistaken.
i just like their role in this drama.

now i'm in study mood.
thanx for reading.
eventhough it is such a waste to read. :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

a man

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Lelaki DAYUS 
Membiarkan isterinya atau anak perempuannya menjadi pelakon yang berpelukan dengan lelaki lain, kononnya atas dasar seni dan lakonan semata-mata. Adakah semasa berlakon nafsu seorang lelaki di hilangkan? Tidak sekali-sekali!

Lelaki DAYUS 
Membiarkan anak perempuannya ber’dating’ berdua-duan dengan tunangnya atau teman lelaki bukan mahramnya tanpa ditemani mahramnya!

Lelaki DAYUS
Membiarkan isteri mendedahkan kecantikan aurat dan bentuk tubuh isteri dinikmati oleh lelaki lain sepanjang waktu pejabat (jika bekerja) atau di luar rumah.

Lelaki DAYUS 
Membiarkan anak perempuannya atau isterinya memasuki rancangan realiti hiburan seperti akademi fantasia, mentor, gang starz dan lain-lain yang sepertinya sehingga mempamerkan kecantikan auratnya serta tubuhnya kepada jutaan manusia bukan mahram!

Lelaki DAYUS
Menyuruh, mengarahkan dan berbangga dengan anak perempuan dan isteri memakai pakaian yang seksi serta tidak menutup aurat di luar rumah. Dia tidak langsung menghalang mereka! astaghfirullah...

Sabda Nabi : -
وعن عمار بن ياسر عن رسول الله قال ثلاثة لا يدخلون الجنة أبدا الديوث والرجلة من النساء والمدمن الخمر قالوا يا رسول الله أما المدمن الخمر فقد عرفناه فما الديوث قال الذي لا يبالي من دخل على أهلهErtinya : Dari Ammar bin Yasir berkata, ia mendengar dari Rasulullah SAW berkata : ” Tiga yang tidak memasuki syurga sampai bila-bila iaiatu Si DAYUS, si wanita yang menyerupai lelaki dan orang yang ketagih arak” lalu sahabat berkata : Wahai Rasulullah, kami telah faham erti orang yang ketagih arak, tetapi apakah itu DAYUS? , berkata nabi : “IAITU ORANG YANG TIDAK MEMPERDULIKAN SIAPA YANG MASUK BERTEMU DENGAN AHLINYA (ISTERI, IBU, ADIK BERADIK PEREMPUAN, ANAK-ANAK)
[HR At-Tabrani]

by, Umi Kalthum Pauji..
By: Laa Tahzan Innallaaha Ma’anaa لا تحزن ان الله معنا

jagalah diri anda...jangan biarkan seorang ayah di gelar sebagai lelaki dayus. :)
.sharing this is what i love to do.

don't have the feel yet

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

it's English alright
*adapting it. the way to speak in the discussion.
i don't have the clue yet on how MUET is like.

speaking test
this is my greatest concern if you want to know.
the discussion?
i'm pretty sure i'm not that good in this.
you know why?

nervous is the number one list when it gets to speaking part.
i may go blank with words.
and afterwards,, 
i'll start saying nonsense.

my lips won't say what my mind was thinking.
*happened once. in a group interview.
geez, i bet you guys are more skilled than i am.
anyways, i'm watching the discussion in the internet.
maybe i can picture how it's like.

then again, wish me luck!

did i screwed up?

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

want to know what i've done yesterday?
it's not that i meant to do it.

waking up at 10.30 am.
watching TRON with nik for a moment.
take bath afterwards, after azan zuhr for precise.
went to fifa's room.
watch boys over flower all day long.

isn't this ironic.
i mean, i didn't study nor finish up my work.
i need to study at least sth.
but my mind was too stubborn that i let the thought of studying chem slid off.
what is with me?

i can't resist of watching dramas that i like.
this was kind of slapped my face for a moment.

laugh at me.
i really screwed my day.

Friday, August 12, 2011

what you don't know about dad

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

found a story or maybe a kind of story..

Mungkin ibu lbh kerap menelefon utk menanyakan keadaan kita setiap hari..Tp tahukah kita, sebenar nya ayah lah yg mengingatkan ibu utk menelefon kita?

Semasa kecil, ibu lah yg lebih sering mendukung kita..Tp tahukah kita bhw sebaik saja ayah pulang bekerja dgn wajah yg letih ayahlah slalu menanyakan apa yg kita lakukan seharian ?

Saat kita sakit@demam, ayah sering membentak "sudah diberitahu! jgn minum ais!".Tp tahukah kamu bahwa ayah sangat risau.??

Ketika kita remaja, kita meminta izin untk keluar malam. Ayah dgn tegas berkata "tidak boleh!"..Sedarkah kita bhw ayah hanya ingin menjaga kita? Krn bagi ayah, kita adlh sesuatu yg sangat berharga.

Saat kita sudah d percayai, ayah pun melonggarkan peraturannya. Maka kita telah melangar kpercayaan nya...Maka ayah lah yg setia menunggu kita di ruang tamu dgn rasa sangat risau..

Setelah kita dewasa,ayah telah mghantar kita ke sekolah@kolej untuk belajar..

Di saat kita memerlukan ini-itu, utk keperluan kuliah kita, ayah hanya mengerutkan dahi.tanpa menolak, beliau memenuhinya..Saat kamu berjaya..Ayah adlh org pertama yg berdiri dan bertepuk tangan untukmu..Ayah akan tersenyum dngan bangga..

Sampai ketika jodoh kita telah datang dan meminta izin untuk mengambil kita dari ayah..Ayah sangat berhati-hati mengizinkan nya..Dan akhirnya..Saat ayah melihat kita duduk di atas plamin bersama pasangan nya..ayahpun tersenyum bahagia..

Apa kita tahu,bhw ayah sempat pergi ke belakang dan menangis?
Ayah menangis krn ayah sangat bahagia..Dan diapun berdoa "Ya Tuhan, tugasku telah selesai dgn baik..Bahagiakan lah putra putri kecilku yg manis bersama pasangannya"..

Setelah itu ayah hanya akan menunggu kedatangan kita brsma cucu-cucunya yg sesekali dtg utk menjenguk..Dengan rambut yg memutih dan badan yg tak lagi kuat untuk menjaga kita..

Ɩ♥ѵӗ U ayah ({})♥

* mungkin ramai yang tidak kisah akan kasih sayang seorang ayah ataupun redhanya... saat kita exam, adakah kita akan meminta ayah mendoakan kita. kebanyakannya akan meminta doa seorang ibu.

* sedalam dalam hati ayah, ada perasaan mahu melakukan yang terbaik untuk ahli keluarganya....♥
* hargailah ayah.....♥

*creepy sms

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

just having a thought to share this from a friend of mine.

Editor : MUSLIM 24 JAM™

Satu lagi pembacaan saya yang membuatkan saya tersentak. SMS ini memang sengaja ditulis dengan penulisan seorang lelaki. Ceritanya memperlihatkan bagaimana seorang muslimat di'rosak' dengan mudah hanya dengan kata-kata manis! Wahai sahabat-sahabatku... Moga Allah peliharamu daripada semua ini...


1. salam. Blh sy kenal awk? Sy tertarik dgn prwatakan sopan awk. Dah lama sy prhatikn awk. Awk dak baik n sy trtarik la dgn tudung labuh awk. Sy harap kite bleh brkenalan.. ukhuwah fillah org x terer sgt arab ni…

2. Trima kasih krn mnerima sy. Sy akan try sedaya upaya sy mnjaga awk dan mgikut syariat. Sy tau sy bukan baik sgt, tp demi Allah, sy cuba buat yg trbaik utk awk…

3. Ingat tau, jaga aurat leklok..jgn bagi org lain nmpk..kuar ngan kwn2 tau.. jgn sorg2..blk contact sy doakan awk selalu..

4. awak,nape x contact sy. Sy risau awk kuar sy xde hak tau sy percaye awk, tp sy x tau la nk kate cmne. Kite slalu nmpk dari jauh je ek.Tp sy rasa awk mcm dkt je ngan sy. Mgkn ni org kate cinta kot, wak..awk cinta sy x? xnk bgtau.. tp sy tau awk cinta sy..awk da malu nk jln tmpt sy lepak sbb malukan?..kih3. .tq.. i love u too..

5. Wak,selain family, Allah dan rasulnyer.. awk sayang sape ek? Sape saya dlm hati awk?

6. Wak wak..dr kawan kite just pggl sy awk je..mcm x special plk diri sy utk awk. sy tringin gak nk jd cm room8 sy ni. Pggl syg.. bole ke? Awk pggl sy bi ek? Rasa mcm baby sket. X salah kan.. just panggilan je..thanks syg.. love u... ..

7. Yang. kekdang bi tgk syg ni mcm x prcaya bi je. Yela, bi just tanya syg pkai apa je kan .. tq ek gtau, mkin dalam pulak rindu kat syg ni... .hihihi..

8. Yang bi nak syg tau, sayanglah segalanya utk bi, syg la pmberi semangat utk bi... yang... harap bi ngan syg xde rahsia lagi ek.. jgn risau..inikan membuktikan bi caring.. so jgn risau..k..yeye. . bi janji kan jaga rahsia kite..just msg je u..papai.. mmuahh!

9. Syg..da lama kite msg, leh kite jumpe x? ye..ayang bwk la kawan2 k..tq yunk! i love u.... ..

10. Tq pggl bi ngan pgglan abg.. abg tggu lame da..abg tau..kite x leh pakse dlm iqra hafiddin..hehe. . sikit sikit je..kih3..

11. Hi syg, watpe 2? Nk ckp sket.. nape syg bwk satu battalion nak jumpa abg?... syg x caye kat abg eh.. huhu..

12. Syg..kite jumpe k?..abg suka syg pakai tudung yg abg beli wardina lak..bkn syg x cntk.. just nmpk mkn cntk la..nipis sikit je.. nnt jumpa nnt syg bwk sorg dah la k..

13. Syg..abg sory ngan apa jd td.. abg trsentuh jari syg td.. Tol gak ckp syg eh, trsentuh xpe..TER.. hehe..makin tebal la pulak cinta abg kat syg..

14. Thanks jumpa td, syg cntk la.. Ololo..abg romantik sket pun salah ke? Ske abg romantik ek? Hehe.. Eh, td jumpa abg da berani tenung abg ek..hoho.. tgk td kwn syg cam ske kat kwn abg je.. senang la kita jumpa pasni.. tgk..Allah memberkati hubungan kite.. syg solat dah ke? Doakan abg skali ek..miss u..

15. syg..just nk tanya.. syg cinta bg berapa percent? Apa tandanya eh? 50% je... huhu..yang. . just nk tanya..rambut syg panjang x? just thinking of u at the moment…

16. Td terbeli tudung pendek.. yg abg bg kat syg tu.. la gmbr syg special untuk abg yg pakai tudung td 2.. Cntk nye syg..gambar ni nak wat wallpaper hp ngan kompter abg la..

17. Yang.. syg cintakan abg berapa percent? Sepenuh hati Thanks u too.. abg janji, abg akan jaga syg baik2 dan xkan tinggalkan syg...

18. Syg..da lame kita couple kan.. xkan abg pegang tgn pun nak marah.. Syg kan milik abg.. Thank 4 being understanding. .

19. Syg kata Syg cintakan abg sepenuh hati.. kalu gitu..apa buktinya Syg cintakan abg..?


20. huh!... syg mengndung? tahu kat ne... cube check balik dgn doktor... xkan sekali buat dah mengandung, check balik k..

21. huh! btol la syg mengndung ni?? syg, utk kebaikan kita berdua, lebih baik syg gugurkan kandungan tu.. gugurkan k..

22. Nape plak xnak? xberdosa la klu bunuh benda yang masing xbernyawa.....gugurkan jelah!!! jgn buat masalah bleh x!!

23. xsakitlah!!! nape manje sangat ni! xkan bnda mudah cam tu pun xbleh buat..

24. sori syg, abg xbleh temankan syg ke klinik tu, abg malu klu terserempak dgn family or member, malu la abg klu diorg nmpak abg bwk syg dgn perut syg yg besar tu..

25. Ape!! RM 5,000?? kau yg mengandung... kau cari sendiri la duit nak gugurkan anak tu.. bukan masalah aku.. lantak kau la... bukan masalah aku jgak keluarga kau pulau kau.. kau tu yg bodoh!! kau ingat kau tu cantik sgt?? aku dah xingin kat kau!! pergi mmpos!

26. jgn kol n msg lg bleh x?!.. aku sbuk.. xde masa nk layan kau!...

27.(terputus hubungan)
- wanita itu mati akibat kegagalan proses penguguran..
- si lelaki mencari mangsa baru..
- dan kejadian terus berulang..



spread your love to everyone you know, this ramadhan.. :)

twice the work

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

as we we're in nik's room.
enjoying the movie of sekali lagi
i've got a call...

any moment 
everything can change
feel the wind on your shoulder...

appeared on the screen.

eh, wani could you tell all the girls that whoever complete the experiment 11 via printing,
please return to mrs sya's room and take back the papers. do it over again by handwriting.
ouh? why? i've done it after i photostat the details and all. does she means that mine must be renewed?
well, yeah. i think so. she wants pure handwriting work. please submit it in front of her room in the box before tomorrow.
what? aarrggghhh! i'm just feel tired. and then i need to get my papers back now? huhu. lucky you. just made it by handwriting. ouh k. i'll do it ASAP. seems to me i need to do twice the report.
well yeah. tanx for helping. ouh k. bye!

it was 4 something in the evening and she just got the lectures call around that.
huhu :'(
we were too lazy to go downstairs once more.
but for the sake of our marks,
we got dressed and went off.
bringing along all the things needed for the report.

to make it short.
the lecturer just got out of her room.
i asked why.
she said
if all your friends can write it down, why don't you do too.
so that it would be fair to all of you.

bulls eye!
you got me.
promise i'll be as hardworking as ever.

so apparently today i need to jog up the stairs twice.
i think my legs feel ache right now.
i feel like to sleep afterwards.
but i can't shut my eyes.
and so. i wrote down this entry.

that is all.

don't let me have a grudge, PLEASE!

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

jauhkan diriku daripada mendapat sebarang dendam dalam hati ini ya ALLAH.
dekatkanlah hatiku denganMu.
agar hambaMU dapat merasai kemanisan imanMu. :'(
i'm trying to forget what that person have done to me.
i know i'm that bad but what he makes me feel as if i'm that worst than bad.
not to mention, i tried not to think about him.
what he have done to me.
although he didn't sense that it really hurt my feelings. :'(

i should have known that he's like THAT kind of person but please if you ever want to give me advice or having some problems with my attitude, at least you can slow talk to me.
isn't remembering people what is good and bad is a good thing to do.
but when you talked to me yesterday as if you're somewhat holding a grudge towards me.
i may not understand what you really want to tell us but....
why was your attitude a bit RUDE!
where is your manner huh??
i'm really not satisfied with you.
better you don't talk to me if you hate what i do.
i really have to ignore you.
seriously, just hearing your name makes my heart ache. 

have you always been that.....BAD?
isn't that your attitude is a proof that you didn't score for your SPM last year?
you still don't realize about it yet?
*ok i don't blame that much, i think i am crossing it. well, he was destined to achieve that result anyway.
well, i don't know about your past but you really don't feel that grateful of having that kind of results right?

i know i'm somewhat a kind-hearted person.
but once you've crossed the border.
SORRY, i can't make the incident like a wind.
passing by my shoulder.

HEY, got a friend?
threat them well.
or else,
you're gonna regret!

on today onwards,
i'll try to avoid myself from him,
trying not to have such hatred.
hoping for the best as evrything happens with a reason right?

thanx btw for those who comfort me. :')
such a wonderful life having you all as my friends.