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Monday, April 25, 2011

the song i chose..=)

well first of all..
i dont noe wat song i wanna pick to make my page more interesting..
its complicated bt then my sister recommend dis song..
 ~ bawalah pergi cintaku ~
well..i didnt exactly want it bt smwhat a memory of mine juz pops up..
n i didnt noe whre the heck did dat cme hey,,its sweet..ya noe..
well it all started whn a fren of mine introduce him 2 me..
well da 1st xpression was.."the song is so sweet,i kinda like it"
it was btter whn sm1 we like show us da song..
(well ya noe,,sm1 we ought hve a crush on)
n hey,,still love da song..n i kinda recall all the things we do 2gther..
its well,,a precious memory dat i wont make it vanish..
bt hey..were in a,,its not dat easy to hve dis crush 4 eva..
bt hpefully ill manage 2 deal with it..

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