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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the school that had taught me so much about LIFE

assalamualaikum w.b.t.
well 1st of all..i dunno where did my desire of telling about the school ive studied cme frm..or its only part of me dat i juz wanna share sme cool stuff in dis hey,,y bother ryte?..its not dat super problem o anything bt hey i guess its want i wanna share..

da institution dat ive stayed was called SEPINTAR a.k.a RAWANG INTEGRATED BOARDING SCHOOL. yepp,, dis is da school dat took me away frm my families 4 not more than 5 YEARS.. bt i might b grateful enough dat ive studied thre.. well ya noe,, da scholarship given by YAYASAN SARAWAK.. who doesnt want to be sponsored?. bt hey, still its far away frm home. guess i have to struggle myself.. huhu

btter yet,, da major problm whn i first step thre was SPEAKING IN KL MALAY.. dis is 1 of da most unforgettable thing 4 me in school.. unlike my statemate,, she cn say a bit in malay.. its not dat im not dat aware of my accent bt i cnt say malay properly.. haha i still rmembered all da things i said in well swak of course.. bet i didnt noe wat "KITE" means.. tanx to EZREEN FAZIRA who taught me about dat.. of all the days whn i was in form 1.. i spent lots of my time with members of i jannatul adni.. i still remembered having so much fun with erin, kim, fassya n najwa.. they r da ones who sits close to me as i remembered.. haha dis is really a memory 4 us ryte?..

well 8lis in form 2 im not dat bad apart frm my classmates, major of them hve move classes n yeah, me still in da sme last class.. not a bunch of stories to tell dat year juz bla bla bla n i success in my academics..dats all,, bt in form 3.. well dat is really a hard time coz we hve to struggle 4 PMR.. me n my pal syera, huda n wan fatihah.. we did a great teamwork.. yeah,, love to hang out togther.. back in those days.. all in all,, weve succeded too.. its wat we ever wanted.. THE GLORY OF O61O.. the best thing in dat year was dat we hve so mny things to do aftr da exam.. such as well u can say a visit to MARDI n so on.. really hve so much fun with u guys..

in form 4 haha dis is whre all da troubles cme frm.. da stream dat we cnnot choose.. mny of us really didnt want in islamic science stream.. bt yeah,, sme already mved out frm dat class evn b4 they r ordred to.. bt hey,, if thy think its worth it.. mind i dont wanna stop them..wats my right?.. anyhow,, the new stdents r cming n evry1 mkes dat sad o well hatred face.. myb thyre too nervous 4 members of o91o to come.. bt well,, i dont noe exactly 4 sure.. da day 4 them 2 arrive has cme n i was helping MRS ATIKAH with 4 JM dat day,, wow so mny ppl,, so mny members will b.. bt my duty was to welcme them.. yeah,, been to lots of things.. hlping out n dont 4get RUBY 1 has new mmbers.. ayuni diyanah n nur harzuin.. i tried not to get shy with them.. mking myself closer to them.. n hey,, dat last days of da school year.. we became the greatest friend ever.. n dats hw it works in 2009..

now,, its showtime.. the year of glory..2o1o.. well sort of.. i met more frens,, hanging out with reza, fifah, zee, qila, cheqyll, erin, huda, izzah. raihan, sarah, alia, syaza n a whole bunch of o61o members.. really miss u guys back here.. well,, we started struggling,, helping out othrs,, jokings n much more.. feelings cant be shown through words ya noe.. n hey,, we all get plnty of time with each othr.. well not whn da exam is near enough..haha SPM still is tough bt hey congrats to all of u dat passed with flying colours.. haha.. n myb dats all i wanna share..still da story is a lot more dan this bt well ya noe.. IM LOST OF WORDS WHN RECALL DA THINGS WEVE DONE 2GTHER.. haha so tanx to all of u helping me,, existed in my life.. n I REALLY LOVE YOU GUYS!!


che qyll said...

alala...jiwangnyee lagu huhu..
weyh pic aq?? oooxde erk??

watok said...

maaf la weyh,,ak x jmpe pic ko..well nmpakny ko kne send pic ko kt ak la ni..huhu