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Saturday, December 31, 2011

*new style!*

.السلام عليكم.

took me too long to design this.
huh finally, i'm satisfied with this new look.
hope you all comfortable visiting my site. :)
and many thanks to you guys that always come read what i wrote.
this year will end soon.
and another year awaits.
let us all do our best in everything we do in the future.

btw i love cats right now.
they are totally CUTE!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


.السلام عليكم.


I can't wait for the upcoming event.
like TOTALLY looking forward to it.
phew, play ball girls!
watch our game [:

ah, not to mention our dearest members :
wana wallo
and 3 other gangs I hardly know who.

do your best
to be the best
in this century GIRLS! [:~  

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


.ألسلام عليكم.

What's your time?
Have you gotten time to do?
Wanna have some fun time with me?
OK! Cut the case. You know, for one thing. You never look at the times you’ve gotten yourself.
Neither do I. It’s simple. Cause we really have a whole lot time to do things without even thinking of what we’re doing these things for.
For all you know, it’s TIMELESS! Where or what we are doing, sometimes they doesn’t even make any sense. Why am I talking about these? Yes, for one reason, I think I have wasted a lot of time.
You know, this kind of stuff always done by us TEENS. Not to mention, it’s YOU! [:

No OFFENSE ok? I’m also a teen. So this means I’m wasting mine too. Let’s say, right now. Haha!
Even so, I’ve got a lot of assignments to be done. A Lot you see.
But not a single task is done. #how terrible is that?
I mean, phrases like “TIME IS PRECIOUS”. #or something like that.
I think I’m not using it wisely.
But heck, still I’m not aware that my time is about to end.
We humans really can’t predict when our lives will be taken.
Even in the slightest seconds, we’ll be vanished from this world to enter into another’s.

Every word, said by people, they were really meaningful.
Have you ever thought of something like this before?
About death? Well, I have.
You know what. Years before, I have once thought about ambitions.

Its not just me, but others was thinking about it as well.
And that once, I’ve never felt about it before. That not having any goal to achieve. That I’m lost. Nowhere to go. Nothing to start.
And then, I felt that I’m not gonna make it till 20 or something. It’s because I felt that my time has nearly come. I was afraid. Well, TOTALLY!
Its not that I thought about this once, but whenever my mind was thinking about me-to-be, I always ended up thinking like that.
But this is how it goes right?

If ALLAH wills it, then it will be. [:
Check your time,
once wasted, considered burned.


assalamualaikum w.b.t.

i'm not sure why i'm shaking right now.
is it because its cold or something else.
and this really bugs me.
and the fact that i haven't finished my report yet.
you know what's worst?
i really don't get the idea of the results.
such a pity on me.
but still hoping that i could understand what's this all about.
and so, i'm in total depressed.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

possibilities :)

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

it's fascinating enough that we have the opportunities to pursue our study in various fields.
some says they're lucky and some even can't deny its beneficial for one's life.
but not everyone can see what the future will bring us to.
even for once, i tried to imagine myself what i would be in the near future.
but, despite for having quite an imagination, i failed to see what i will become.
nevertheless, i searched for something i might be interested in and there i found some geology study.
it might have fascinated me for awhile, and i possibly might take the career.
who knows i'm capable of being the greatest geologist in the future.
here in this world, there's no meaning of giving up unless there is no light for us to go on.
in order to maintain the light, praying is the only way to preserve it.
and these prays help to guide us in this world.
so don't ever think that you're not capable of doing things that you may never know your true abilities.
once you tried, only then you'll know. (:

just trying to get my mind for some English exercise.
it's been so long that i have written something in my beloved blog.

Friday, November 04, 2011

home for you. study for me.

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

it's sad to think about it.
yes, for those who are currently studying in school 
will apparently having your school breaks
 while i'll probably stuck studying for my final semester.

well. good luck for me. :'(

Sunday, October 30, 2011

like heart-broken

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

its not that what you think its really is.
its just that i'm just having a sad time.
well, i think.
so no need to coax me. :)

there will be a time that you will having an up-side-down smile.
and as for me, i'm having mine now.
like others sadness is not a bad thing.
its only just the beginning.
so i'm glad for being sad than happy all the time.
if not, then there won't be any meaning to this life right?
so don't bother to be unhappy because somehow it'll make life more cheerful in the end.

then i guess i can make a smile now.
knowing that i've release some of the unhappiness here. :)
have a great day you guys!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

i'm there for you

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

its nothing personal really but i would like to dedicate this to someone i care about.

remember at the times when i was lost and i seek help from you.
all the time apart from ALLAH?
and at the times when i was in total helpless i went to search for you to gain strength?
and when i was in serious sadness i went for your happy cheers?

i know some of it really helped me and i am totally grateful for having dear you as my besties.
you know why?

its not that i see your appearance for being so kind or so.
its because i know you better than anyone else who doesn't.
and you being you is the one that i seek for in having a friend.
it doesn't matter who you are or where you're from.
its the heart that shows your true personality.
in which warms me in many ways.

and so
my friend, don't be afraid if you think i won't be the greatest friend which you can lean on.
but have faith that i'll help you no matter what and always be there for you if you need me.
note this : always

Monday, October 17, 2011

the exam day

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

i know its a bit too late but just for updating my page.
as well as all of you know, i had my MUET test last wednesday.
so here how it started.

its 7 in the morning and i wake up to send kids to school. (i wasn,t taking my bath yet)
and so, i felt a little nervous. just a little i tell you.

prepare myself for awhile and the time was about 7.28 am i guess. 
sat in the car and then dayah called me. 
i was turning on the engine at that time.
gosh! am i going to be late? she called, told her good luck and drove my way to that school.
dayah : don't be shocked when i said i'm driving there. it's common nowadays.

got into the school and heard the weet2 sound. ouh! you know what i mean.
boys that are truly naughty, doesn't even know the difference between me and him.
i'm older. -_-" 

as honest as i could be, i didn,t know which way to go.
i didn,t even remember which way was the office.
and when i got into the office, i didn,t know where was the library.
haha to get it straight, i was lost. (for awhile)
then as i came to the library, i saw the MUET sign. haha.
need to take off the shoes before entering.

there was people staring at me when i came in. 
i thought that was because i came in late? 
so, maybe people actually see the faces of the late person.
but i took my steps carefully and headed towards a guy i know.
palam boy, same lecture group.

we chit chat for awhile and then he said:
"if i had knew about this i should just wear a tshirt instead of a shirt"
i looked around and yes i saw all of the candidates wore formal attire except ME.
which was baju kurung for girls and shirt for guys and some girls.
i wore jeans with a white short sleeve tshirt and a cardigan, a red selendang too.
well, i didn't noticed about my attire but this is what i wore on the day i got IELTS exam.
i remembered my teacher said to wear appropriate attire but not too formal.
hahahahahaha but i didn't get embarrased. because its appropriate i guess.

 i came in 1st group of the day with sylvester.
we got the topic on :
how to help sick children in hospital.
i was candidate d and i was comfortable with that position.

the choices of answers were : 
1. read books to children
2. organize activities and games
3. assist the children
4. collect toys and books

after the long discussion, we've decided the best way was num 2.
after all was done, we chit chat for awhile and then left me and sylvester to walk around the school.
then i drove back to enjoy my success.
the end :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


assalamualaikum w.b.t.

time is ticking.
tik tok tik tok tik tok

what? it's MUET alright. huhu~
don't want to get busted out of speaking nonsense.
thanks NIK for wishing me good luck.
and the rest, please pray for this awesome girl : ME

thanks to all of you for being a great person in my life!

counting days

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

for what? you may ask.
well it's certainly is for the one and only thing for us, degree-becoming students need to pass in.
MUET is around the corner but i'm not preparing myself anything. 

not that i'm already that intelligent to score in this exam.
as that is all of you can say.
its just me, not knowing what to read or prepare.
maybe there's an idea of sort in my mind but what the heck.

and tomorrow is the day my parents are getting away from us five.
where to? KL of course. why you might say? my mum is having her convo there.
well' yippee for her. and us. haha. freedom in the house. i guess? no. still, loads of things to be settled.
that's all.

Monday, October 10, 2011

just simple sayings

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

wah! so long it have been for me not to go blogging.
okay2 i know that everyone knows i'm on this mission for days ago.

the final exam
as you can remember
*this is just for those who are currently study in uitm that have been through this obstacle*

but hey, the waiting is over and it's us now having a great holiday ahead of us.
#probably its only for you guys. i'm not that kinda having a relaxation back home here. -_-"

and so, there! i've said it.
i'm back home loitering maybe, doing nothing but once again waiting.
aahhh! the waiting. it's the MUET exam fyi. and the final exam results.

really hoping that everything is gonna be fine.
pray for deary me will ya?
thanks a bunch!

Monday, September 12, 2011

raya story #3

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

bace bukan dipakse,
tapi suke :)

ye, aku tahu,
RAMADHAN kian hilang saat siang diganti malam.
namun, apakan daya. masa perlu diteruskan.dan aku berharap moga aku telah buat yang terbaik untuk ramadhan kali ini.
sungguhpun aku berdoa agar aku mampu berjumpa kembali bulan RAMDHAN yang penuh barakah ini pada tahun hadapan. :'D

3rd day cuti

habis sudah bermadah pujangga, baik aku cerita lagi. mesti kau orang dah bosan citer aku panjang giler kan? haha. biaselah. aku bukan penulis yang terer membikin cerita macam korang2. aku lain. BARU ADE STYLE. haha. ok, sudah merapu. hari ini, aku bangun lewat. YES! lewat tegahari, penat sangat kot. aku pon x berape pasti. yang pasti nye aku memang suke bangun lewat pun.-_-" aku juga difahamkan bahawa hari ini balik kampung memandangkan esok nak raya. wah! aku x kemas barang lagi. *releklah, aku dah biase kemas lambat2 sejak dari F1 lagi. HAHA! :) xpayah nak risau lah. yang bapak aku, pergi kerja. lepas je balik, kitorang dah gerak dah. tu je yang aku kene tahu. and bende penting yang BARU aku tahu ialah, flight aku dari kuching balik kl. mak oi! barang banyak beb! sarat perut kereta yang memang dah sarat dengan berat famili kitorang nih. tapi xpe lah. kang x bawak nahas pulak. bapak aku habis melenting nanti. erk! ye2, siapkan jela semue arang yang memnag penting giler2 nak bawak balik. hihi. lepas bapak pulang, rumah tu pun kitorang tinggalkan. :'( sedih sebab raye kat bintulu sangat la sunyi kalau kau nak tahu. sebab tu kitorang raye tempat lain.

nilah rupe ala2 jalannyer. xde lah bumpy mane. ok kan untuk perjalanan 4 jam ke kampung belah bapak aku tuh? hihi. tengah jalan tu xpayah tanye la aku buat ape. main2, buat bising, akhirnya ZzZzZz jugak. HAHA! pastu terpikir, semue barang aku dah bawak ke? hurm. aku rase ye kot. ah! biar jelah. tengok2 jam dah nak maghrib dah. aku pun xtahu maghrib pukul berape. yang pasti aku cari signal radio, mak oi! susah giler. macam2 style aku buat nak dapat signal tu. akhirnya, dapat jugak walaupun sikit je lagu kedengaran. aku rase macam, eh x2. itu la. my bad. lepas je azan, makan kurma je. haha x lame lagi dah nak sampai tu. xsabar rasenyer nak makan lauk kat rumah. :D

akhir jugak la sampai, memang perut x terkate dah laparnya. huish. masuk rumah, salam2 semua, simpan beg. MAKAN! jarang kot aku balik kampung ni. huhu. balik ni pun nenek aku dah meninggal. xsempat nak tengok arwah buat kali terakhir. *tsk2! tapi, xpelah. hidup mesti diteruskan. ouh, masakan kampung sedap dan lazat! betul. haha kampung tepi sungai memang selera seafood je lah. dengan udangnye, ubur2nye, ikannye, buah dabainye. jangan terliur sudah! haha best nak mampus. kenyang giler aa. lepas tu, udak aku datang. ape lagi bercerite la keje dengan bapak aku. aku pun x paham kot ape yang diorang cakap. macam kau jugak xpaham cakap aku dalam bahasa sarawak. inikan pula anak melanau xreti melanau. adui! malu nye aku. tapi yela, aku pahamla sikit2. ok la kan? haha. lepas udak berziarah, maka lentokla pulak seisi rumah. esok nak raya. aku xde feeling lagi tapi haha raya jelah. baru teringat xpayah puase dah.

4th day cuti

excited2 jugak! mohon maaf la jugak ye! haha pagi2 tu pukul berape tah baru nak mandi. yelah. toilet satu je mane xnyer. bergilir2 kau keluar masuk toilet tuh. haha. aku lepas sediakan bende2 penting untuk raye baru nak mandi. bende penting? yelah, kuih-muih, kek lapis, keropok, lemang, kaya. tulah bende kene ade untuk serve tetamu nanti. hihi. lepas je bersiap, terus keluar. salam2, mintak ampun dan maaf. pastu trip pergi ke kubur, bacekan yaasin untuk nenek2. sape yang xboleh kene tunggu kat dalam kereta. aku pulak, pergi bawak yaasin. jenguk kubur nenek(kitorang panggil atuk nenek). tertera name2 ayah2 bapak aku. al-fatihah aku sedekahkan. maka yaasin jugak aku mule bacekan. bapak aku kate kat adik laki aku, ni lah kubur bapak bapak. sebelah bapak kepada bapak bapak. kau paham ke? kalau aku cakap bende yang bapak aku cakap maybe kau pening kot. sebelah leong sebelah lagi suin. ye! aku perasan tu name orang cina. tapi memang moyang aku cina. adik aku ade pulak tanye, "ni kubur cina ka bapak?, habis orang cina ada islam kah?" boleh aku gelak je bile die tanye macam tu. haish, xbaik. yela2, budak kecik xpaham lagi dunia luar macam mane. xpe, satu hari nanti die akan faham jugak. lepas je bace yaasin, pergi lagi kat kawasan hujung kampung nak jenguk kubur nenek2(mak2 bapak aku). memang kubur tu tempat lain2. aku pun xtahu kenape. xcukup tempat kot. aku xpasti sangat la kubur nenek aku nih. name die aku x berape tahu. so, xpelah. sedekahkan al-fatihah buat arwah2. :') lepas berziarah kubur, pergi ziarah rumah2 orang yang aku x berape nak kenal jugak lah. mane xnyer, aku xpernah tanye ni sape2 tu sape. ade jugak kawan bapak aku, ade gak nenek aku, xtahu lah belah mane ape.

ade sorang nenek(atuk) nih, die aku xpasti lah penyakit ape. tapi dah lame lah jugak. nak cakap pun dah x berape. memang suke diam je. tapi, die paling kenal adik aku nih. NORAZLIN tu. bila nenek dengar je name die, mesti die senyum. ade la cerita2 dulu yang pernah mengusik hati nenek aku nih. al-maklum bila dah besar memang xingat satu bende pun. :( memang sangat suke bile tengok nenek senyum. sebab muke muram je sebelum2 nih. sejuk hati aku memandang tahu. betape untung korang yang masih ade datuk2 yang masih kuat lagi. tapi, ape2 pun aku bersyukur nenek aku masih sihat la. :') lepas je ziarah balik rumah, jalan kaki je sebab dekat giler. haha.

bapak aku tanye, nak pergi jumpe aida ke? aku iye je. nanti petang pergilah jumpe. aku haha no hal. tapi kalau kau nak tahu, aku xsempat pun pergi rumah die. tahu aku buat ape? TERTIDUR kau 1st raya nih. ape ke bende lah aku nih. dahla bukan aku sorang je tahu. sekali dengan mak dan siblings aku. bapak aku jugak same. haha macam2 karenah kitorang. memang kalau bangun tu dah petang. xsempat sebab malam tu nak pergi ziarah rumah orang lagi. :'( xpelah. xde rezeki katekan. huhu. peluang aku dah lepaskan. ish3. habis je ziarah anak buah aku, tutup rumah. nak tidur.

5th day cuti

ape aku buat? packing barang la kawan. nak balik kuching pulak. :) raye kat sane meriah lagi. hihi dengan sedare nye la bagai. so, lepas salam2 dapat la duit raye sikit. haha. bertolak kau untuk berjam2 lamenye. sebelum keluar daerah kampung tu, pergilah jenguk rumah BESTFRIEND bapak aku nih. wah! baru aku tahu betape nakalnye on bapak aku. nak cerita kat kau xtahu nak cerite cemane. papepun yang pasti lawak pun ade. time dulu2 pakcik ni baru kahwin, geng2 bapak aku kacau kapel ni tahu. ape orang kate. batak! hahaha mase wedding diorang, geng bapak aku lah tukang uruskan. aduyai. tapi, makcik tu pun kate, geng bapak aku ni lah geng terer mase2 dulu. aku macam boleh lah bayangkan cemane terer die. anak bapak biaselah kan? haha. lepas chit-chat dalam masa yang lame, sambung perjalanan.

sampai sibu, pergi jumpa kazen2 aku. belah mak. sape lagi kalau bukan faiz and mine. haha. aku xberape ingat jalan rumah diorang nih. tapi bile masuk rumah uncle aku sorang nih, makcik2 kat dalam tu tanye, "wani yang mane satu? dah besar dah nya eh. kurus gik ya, dolok bukan main bulat." amboi! kalau kau nak tahu, aku dulu mase kecik2 memang gemok. haha yelah, aku pendek dulu, mane x nyer. *blush2 memang aku terkenal sikit kat sibu tu. aku pun xberape ingat ape aku dah buat dulu. haha suke main2 kot. lepas ziarah, sambung lagi journey.

sampai je kat BINTANGOR, bapak aku drive pergi rumah kazen die. aku pun baru kenal sebab ade satu due tiga hari tu, die tumpang rumah kitorang. baru aku tahu, tempat tu tempat lepak zaman bapak aku bujang dulu. haish. macam2 baru aku tahu ye. xpe aku x kenal sangat, 1st time datang sane kot. memang xtahu langsung jalan die. ;p lame betul mase berlalu. memang sampai kuching tengah malam lah. haish. dah jalan tuh, memang x stop mane2 lagi la. terus balik je. bile sampai rumah memang dah larut malam. penat giler kot duduk dalam kereta selama berjam2 lamenye. huhu. balik rumah je, kemas2 nak tidur je. esok mesti lagi penat, tapi xpelah. mimpi lena dulu malam nih. :)

watok! :)

Friday, September 09, 2011

raya story #2

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

ini ceghita perlu disambung. :)
yang sama panjang.
sama bosan.

2nd day cuti

aku bangun je tahu2 kene keluar daerah. mak oi! terperanjat kau. eh2! bukan kene buang daerah. keluar je. ke mane? ahha, pigi daerah kude laut la kawan. MIRI! weee~ kenape? hurm, kalau kau nak tahu, kat bintulu ni mane nak shopping nyer? lawat daerah orang baru syok beli barang. ahha. *maybe itu sebab syah kate buhsan giler bintulu. bikin panas aje hati gua taw. anyways, tahu2 jelah kau nak shopping ape nyer. haha. patutla aku dengar malam tadi kemain kate rini nak gi beli barang. rupenye nak pigi berjalan. heee~ ape lagi, bersiap2 la kau nak berjalan uh. ape kau pikir miri tu dekat sangat ke? haish, apelah minah ni. >.< pergi bersiap kau paham2 jelah cemane pompuan nak bersiap kan? sometimes ade yang laju gilaaa bersiap, ade yang lambat. and bermacam2. aku dikategorikan dalam medium speed. lepas je bersolek (kononnye la) tunggu kat dalam kereta. tunggu sape? haha. mak datin semue tu haa, kemain hadap cermin "besar gedabak" tu. siap tolak2 lagi. haish. itulah jadi nyer kalau ade ramai pompuan dalam famili. -_-" 

boleh dikatekan nak sampai miri uh dekat2 4 jam la. xdelah jauh mane kan kalau nak dibandingkan pergi kuching. huish. jalan die ok la. xde lubang2 sepertimane yang dikatekan oleh saudara syah. sebab aku pakai jalan belakang. haha sepanjang perjalanan, kerja aku kalau x bising, ZzZzZ lah jadinye. mane xnye, penat semalam x hilang lagi. aku pon manusia biase jugak ok. suke tido! tapi aku banyak tido pon still pendek. huhu :( kenape ye? hurm... :/

nak2 sampai setengah jam sebelas uh sampai suda di bandar kedue terbesar sarawak. :) bukan MALAYSIA ye. haish, bersyukur gilaa aku dah sampai. yelah. kau xtahu cemane ayah kesayangan aku nih driving. kalau boleh die nak je masok F1 uh. -_-" seram gilaa wooo kalau beliau speeding. nak2 langgar je kereta depan tu. huhu btw, bende pertame yang kita akan nampak adalah bende sebelah ini. hihi. tu diaa icon ini punya bandar. ^^
putih kan? cantik lagi tu. haha. satu famili dok berdiri tengah2 bulatan. sweeet sangat. *erk? merapu? ye, xyah nak merapu sangat la kan? ye2, tukar tajuk.

sebenarnya kat miri ni banyak je tempat nak menghabiskan duit taw. tapi, last2 famili pergi PARKSON je. shopping complex yang jarang dikunjungi oleh famili. sebab ape? jarang datang miri dah. huhu~ masok2 je pergi kat shoes section. and bags. aku xminat sangat nak beli kasut kat sini. so, aku tunggu jelah sisters aku cari pilihan hati walaupon xsuke jugak pilih kat situ. tapi terpakse. xtahu kenape aku je yang lepas pilih kasut selain dari situ, hurm... lepas bape banyak kasut aku dah try out. *kononnye macam sesuai je dengan aku kasut tu. aku blah. bawak adik aku. pergi jalan2, berdue je. ke mane? haha. mane lagi. bukan wayang ok. xde wayang dalam complex uh. cari kasut la. banyak kedai aku dah serbu. banyak gilaa sampai adik aku penat dengan aku. xde yang berkenan biaselah. kau pon xnak beli bende yang kau xsuke kan? samelah dengan aku. ade satu tu, aku dah suke dah. haish. aku xtahu nak describe cemane tapi stylish la jugak. wane BROWN punya. yang sedihnye, dah habis, haish, aku ni tensi betol. die kasi yang BLACK punya. aku xnak. aku blah jelah. nak wat ape lagi kan? huhu. cari punye cari, jumpe kasut ni. ok jugak. sama sikit saja style dia. but i take it. hati kate xnak shoes yang wane BLACK tapi beli jugak. sebab SMART! lepas beli jalan2 balik. ke mane? pangkuan famili la. haha.

aku dahle lame gilaa xpergi jalan2 beli barang. sempat lagi aku mintak nak beli seluar kat ayah. itu pon sebab mak aku pergi kedai ape tah nak tengok baju kurung. haha. xpe2, satu attire je. lagipon aku xde baju sangat kat rumah. semuenye ade kat palam tu haa. huhu :'( masuk balik parkson cari2. bersame due adik aku. nak pilih uh, lame giler. xtahu yang mane berkenan dengan hati. huhu. tapi last2 ade jugak yang aku suke. xcept adik aku sorang uh, beliau refuse nak beli pakaian. but, prefer shoes jelah. ok, aku xkesah. lepas beli + bayar barang tu, aku dengan adik2 aku skali pergi kat kedai kasut tempat aku beli kasut tadi. *buat ape? kau nak beli lagi ke? x2. adik aku nak beli kasut die pulak. dah die xnak beli pakaian. ni sebagai pengganti la. sebab tadi die nampak kasut ni. die suke. tanye aku perlu beli ke x? kalau aku, memang mengiyekan aje. haha. dah beli, pergi kol ayah kat mane. jumpe kat McD. yeaa, makan mcd hari ni. *kalau kau nak tahu, mcd kat sarawak nih, yang aku tahu laa. ade 4 je. ini kalau xsilap. 3 kat kuching. 1 miri. xpayah nak kesian sangat lah kan. makanan lain ade lagi. sedaaaappppp!! haha. xmati kalau xmakan mcd.

lepas je habis order makanan untuk berbuke, kitorang pergi balik ke kereta. nak balik. :) cukuplah aku dapat berfoya2 macam gambar sebelah ni walaupon untuk seketika. kemain bahagia hidup main2 je kerja. haha. dah jam 1700 baru nak bertolak. aku rase la ayah aku driving macam nak rushing je. maybe sebab target nak berbuke kat rumah? kotla. tapi last2, kitorang sampai lepas time berbuke. huhu~ makan kat dalam kereta lagi. uh jela program aku buat ari nih. :) xdr la bende sangat pon. xmacam korang kan? haha.

takat sini jelah dulu ye?
ade lagi. tunggu jelah. :)

watok! :)