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Friday, August 12, 2011

twice the work

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

as we we're in nik's room.
enjoying the movie of sekali lagi
i've got a call...

any moment 
everything can change
feel the wind on your shoulder...

appeared on the screen.

eh, wani could you tell all the girls that whoever complete the experiment 11 via printing,
please return to mrs sya's room and take back the papers. do it over again by handwriting.
ouh? why? i've done it after i photostat the details and all. does she means that mine must be renewed?
well, yeah. i think so. she wants pure handwriting work. please submit it in front of her room in the box before tomorrow.
what? aarrggghhh! i'm just feel tired. and then i need to get my papers back now? huhu. lucky you. just made it by handwriting. ouh k. i'll do it ASAP. seems to me i need to do twice the report.
well yeah. tanx for helping. ouh k. bye!

it was 4 something in the evening and she just got the lectures call around that.
huhu :'(
we were too lazy to go downstairs once more.
but for the sake of our marks,
we got dressed and went off.
bringing along all the things needed for the report.

to make it short.
the lecturer just got out of her room.
i asked why.
she said
if all your friends can write it down, why don't you do too.
so that it would be fair to all of you.

bulls eye!
you got me.
promise i'll be as hardworking as ever.

so apparently today i need to jog up the stairs twice.
i think my legs feel ache right now.
i feel like to sleep afterwards.
but i can't shut my eyes.
and so. i wrote down this entry.

that is all.

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