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Sunday, August 21, 2011

hurting my feet today -_-"

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

bajet ramai je followers.
ini hari.
went to jalan TAR.yay!
gone with dayah and yana. *as always.
purpose? raya? no!
eh, i mean yes!
just to have some time shopping.
moreover, its one and only opportunity i have. better use it than never right?
anyways, along the journey, there were the expressions and feelings. all are mixed in one day.

i know you've all have seen a dead body. but this one was in ramadhan month. which was yesterday.
i was in a bus, on my way to kl central. when i saw an accident that had occurred.
it was between a motorcycle and a trailer i guess. and so, the motorcycle was, let's just say it was crushed badly.
i saw the body afterwards. the head was covered with a piece of cloth which indicates he has gone.
i felt my legs got weaker cause i know i'm worse when seeing corpse. thank ALLAH i didn't pass out.
innalillahi wainnalillahiraji'un.

as we we're heading towards the KTM in the building, i caught a glimpse of a boy sitting on the side bar.
i thought i recognized him and told dayah about it.
and it seems that he was him.
waiting for someone to pick up.

i've called mum. she said that it's ok to buy a couple of raya attire. she just made one for me back home.
furthermore, she even make a list of to buy things for herself and gave the list to me to search for them.
anyways, dad told me to have fun and be careful. haha.
*i really did have a great time shopping. don't worry, dad. :)"

what is it? can you guess? even my own heart pounded so hard.
it's a matter of bumping into someone i knew.
*he is someone special for me. a friend, a companion.
it wasn't as if i knew he was here (in kl).
but accidentally, thanks to my eyes, i could met him eventhough i just said,"DUKUN".
i was in shocked, apart from him. and i just ran away afterwards. i was in a rush. and i'm speechless at that time and so all i could say was just his nickname. HAHA!
but i caught sight of his sister, syu when she called my name. thanks for remembering me. :)

i waited for the bus to go back home and also planned to reach back before Maghrib.
still, i was in shocked, not believing that i just met him. *ok! snap out of it sister!
in the end, when in shah alam, alia boarded the bus. i called her to come to me.
i told her about what had happened but she happened to know that he did want to go to kl.
and so, i'm the one that doesn't know anything. he even knew that i was going to kl too. *not fair! huhu
when i got back, we broke our fast after we've got out from the bus. haha. 
and went straight to our house. 
that's what i did yesterday.
so, how about your day?

"but thanks to who did!"

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