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Saturday, August 06, 2011

*fun things going around :)

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

such a funny day today.
i mean this "day".

now i'm with nik*right and fatin*middle.
1. i planned to study in nik's room.
*no wireless so got stuck watching fatin played games in my lappy. HAHA. such a disaster. always got busted by the police. harharhar!

2. drink coffee which surely make my eyes so wide all night.
*hehe. it was nik's offer so better take it rather than not. although i know i'm so bad with caffeine. stimulates my brain. huhu. :(

3. help fatin play the game. 
*you know what. the 'need for speed' game. haha. i'm so bad with that application. even got her busted with the police, thanx to my lack of gaming abilities. huhu.

when to study??
i'm not sure myself either.
but well, at least i'm having fun with both of them. 

thanx you guys.
|really grateful for being my friends.muaxxx|


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evade dulu bru busted, hihi :)