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Friday, August 12, 2011

don't let me have a grudge, PLEASE!

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

jauhkan diriku daripada mendapat sebarang dendam dalam hati ini ya ALLAH.
dekatkanlah hatiku denganMu.
agar hambaMU dapat merasai kemanisan imanMu. :'(
i'm trying to forget what that person have done to me.
i know i'm that bad but what he makes me feel as if i'm that worst than bad.
not to mention, i tried not to think about him.
what he have done to me.
although he didn't sense that it really hurt my feelings. :'(

i should have known that he's like THAT kind of person but please if you ever want to give me advice or having some problems with my attitude, at least you can slow talk to me.
isn't remembering people what is good and bad is a good thing to do.
but when you talked to me yesterday as if you're somewhat holding a grudge towards me.
i may not understand what you really want to tell us but....
why was your attitude a bit RUDE!
where is your manner huh??
i'm really not satisfied with you.
better you don't talk to me if you hate what i do.
i really have to ignore you.
seriously, just hearing your name makes my heart ache. 

have you always been that.....BAD?
isn't that your attitude is a proof that you didn't score for your SPM last year?
you still don't realize about it yet?
*ok i don't blame that much, i think i am crossing it. well, he was destined to achieve that result anyway.
well, i don't know about your past but you really don't feel that grateful of having that kind of results right?

i know i'm somewhat a kind-hearted person.
but once you've crossed the border.
SORRY, i can't make the incident like a wind.
passing by my shoulder.

HEY, got a friend?
threat them well.
or else,
you're gonna regret!

on today onwards,
i'll try to avoid myself from him,
trying not to have such hatred.
hoping for the best as evrything happens with a reason right?

thanx btw for those who comfort me. :')
such a wonderful life having you all as my friends.