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Saturday, August 06, 2011

+styles of R1 girls+

so funny of me!! :D

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

i bet you never know who my current friends are right? 
well, just enjoy these pix i've got from a friend of mine.
*seriously you'll be laughing out loud. credits to the models of the year. HAHA!

>exp time :)
>before the test. :p


>urghhh! *good acting right?

>just can't stand to laugh. HAHA

>i bet this is so annoying. hihi
>our style of pose! hihi :D

>BEL time.ahha!

>"gathering".eating together.after fasting for a day. <3

>so many styles left to be told.

>the bonds among us, so hilarious. HAHA!

>at the time when we're in the lab. hehe

this is what we call cherishing our lives with happy faces.
even though life is tough, you will always have friends helping you out.
hoping that you didn't burst your belly laughing at our pose.

*live your life to the fullest!*


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watok said...

mmg seyez klakar. tanx to u.. addition actress.. huahuahua