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Monday, January 02, 2012

*thank you old friend (:

.السلام عليكم.

*its been so long since we've contacted*
*and yet we really have so many things to say once we're connected*
|i owe you big time bro|
*the things that you willingly share with me even for a brief moment*
*the slightest experience you've ever encountered*
|still, you're kindness are truly a meaningful one|
*surely i remembered all the things we talked about in the past*
*i know how precious having a friend like you would be*
*even in this enormous world, no other person will replace you cause they are not YOU!*
*eventhough i'm younger than you, but i learn so much about life*
|cause you care about people around you|
*that attitude, its rarely seen in everybody's souls*
*that's why you're special*
|to everyone that knows your true heart|

#so stay with who you are, cause you're such a valuable person that shines happiness through every soul you encounter. giving support to the ones needed. making them smile broadly at your company. and brighten the hopes in peoples lives. thanks a lot for your existence in my life.


nawarrah said...

ira!! lame tak jumpe kau.sehat?
follow aku meh :)

irawani said...

hai ara! hihi follow you dah. sihat2 je. :) lame xjmpe. huhu