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Sunday, January 08, 2012

the day when everyone explode *except me -_-"

.السلام عليكم.

gone to play a game.
i mean basketball game.
maybe around 8 or sth.
on friday night, woo~ *cool breeze filled the air.
text everyone to come.
got the court first.
then boys entering.

our court, our game.
ok, runding wth us.
after a long time, we gave in.
but maybe for 10 minutes.
sat beside the court, watching with dissatisfaction.

10 minutes had passed.
20 minutes..
40 mins..
an hour?..

our type of play, just blend in at that time.
try shooting and all.
they even don't get what the heck we're trying to do.

alas, at one point, we wanted to play 3 on 3,
but w/o the court, how can that be possible?
ask a friend of them who wanted that court of ours.
he gave in, but telling us its those boys that doesn't want to give up.

anger burning inside of the girls heart.
the moment when their ball rolling passed us, out of the court.
syairah ran after it, caught it and kick it as far as a girl could kick.
she even shouted at the boys.
like the field was filled with her roar.
i froze, me and wana.
haziqah blend in, told the boys that its unfair. our turn to play.
all of the girls talked except me. huhu~
everyone stopped playing but watched the scene.

the boys continued to play.
haziqah told her friend to give them only half of the court.
seeing syairah's fiery face, he told the others to really give us our share.
played all night after that. but still shaken with what had happened.
the memory that will never vanish.

*fasya, detail story, try ask the others. :)

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fasya said...

part syairah paling lawakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH