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Thursday, January 12, 2012

.:i've kept my promise:.

.السلام عليكم.

Hai hai!
Mie :  ingat x da cgek hari tk. Kwu mnx ku molah cgek post psal kwu?
Ingat x? ingat x? ingat x? lupak lha ya… nyanyok! Hahaha~

Ok2, back to the point. The friend’s AHMAD RAIMIE BIN RAMLEE. My very best gang. A whole lot years spent with him. Hoho. Such wonderful youthful memories crafted between us. *mie : sshhhhh! J then, then, then, this one day. We chat and you. I mean you, raimie, told me to post something about you. Well, that was impossible at that time because I don’t have any point to say. Then you, again it’s you, mie, gave me all kinds of suggestions. Don’t you remember? Well, if you do remember, just smile. Smile ok! *don’t be crazy, what are doing smiling yourself in front of the monitor? Weirdo! so, I’m posting yours today just because.. haha! Intentions? Just the good ones. Hehe. And anyone of you who want to know how he really is? Well his personality is basically every girl’s dream, hint : here’s the pic.

masculine, handsome and tough
plus his height bugs me..

see what I mean? *told you I will post this kind of stuff just as you said. Ok, ok, ok. I’m not posting this to embarrass you or what not, but seems to me, I do kind of remember something on today’s event. Haha. Well here goes :

happy 19th birthday
best friend!
Wish you all the best in your whole life.
365 days we live a year,
everyday new experience come,
and every seconds wiser!
Cherish every moment of your life so that you’ll live happy.
sincerely from : the owner ;p

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