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Sunday, January 01, 2012

|last year become today's memory|

.السلام عليكم.

The clear sky remembering me of last year’s celebration of new year.
First year of doing so in my old hometown after moving back from Kerteh.
Lights in the sky, lit the atmosphere with colours of life, letting people know that the year has ended and this new year brings more surprises. 

New year brings happiness to all.
Even sometimes giving people a second chance in life.
YOU out there!
Use this precious opportunity wisely.
Because it happens once in a lifetime.
Time flies quickly so make the best of your every seconds with wonderful memories.
So that your life will not be wasted.

Before I forgot :
I’m so grateful for having such wonderful new friends of mine in PUNCAK ALAM. You are the BEST! Thanks for colouring my 2011 life. J

What’s life without a challenge. So strive for excellence!
*think about it*

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