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Monday, October 17, 2011

the exam day

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

i know its a bit too late but just for updating my page.
as well as all of you know, i had my MUET test last wednesday.
so here how it started.

its 7 in the morning and i wake up to send kids to school. (i wasn,t taking my bath yet)
and so, i felt a little nervous. just a little i tell you.

prepare myself for awhile and the time was about 7.28 am i guess. 
sat in the car and then dayah called me. 
i was turning on the engine at that time.
gosh! am i going to be late? she called, told her good luck and drove my way to that school.
dayah : don't be shocked when i said i'm driving there. it's common nowadays.

got into the school and heard the weet2 sound. ouh! you know what i mean.
boys that are truly naughty, doesn't even know the difference between me and him.
i'm older. -_-" 

as honest as i could be, i didn,t know which way to go.
i didn,t even remember which way was the office.
and when i got into the office, i didn,t know where was the library.
haha to get it straight, i was lost. (for awhile)
then as i came to the library, i saw the MUET sign. haha.
need to take off the shoes before entering.

there was people staring at me when i came in. 
i thought that was because i came in late? 
so, maybe people actually see the faces of the late person.
but i took my steps carefully and headed towards a guy i know.
palam boy, same lecture group.

we chit chat for awhile and then he said:
"if i had knew about this i should just wear a tshirt instead of a shirt"
i looked around and yes i saw all of the candidates wore formal attire except ME.
which was baju kurung for girls and shirt for guys and some girls.
i wore jeans with a white short sleeve tshirt and a cardigan, a red selendang too.
well, i didn't noticed about my attire but this is what i wore on the day i got IELTS exam.
i remembered my teacher said to wear appropriate attire but not too formal.
hahahahahaha but i didn't get embarrased. because its appropriate i guess.

 i came in 1st group of the day with sylvester.
we got the topic on :
how to help sick children in hospital.
i was candidate d and i was comfortable with that position.

the choices of answers were : 
1. read books to children
2. organize activities and games
3. assist the children
4. collect toys and books

after the long discussion, we've decided the best way was num 2.
after all was done, we chit chat for awhile and then left me and sylvester to walk around the school.
then i drove back to enjoy my success.
the end :)

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AnA InsaN BiaSa said...

boleh tahan ko ye watok....
pakai t-shirt je???
sape bdak palam tu??
kalo ko nk tau, sume bdak group den bdak palam...~