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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


.ألسلام عليكم.

What's your time?
Have you gotten time to do?
Wanna have some fun time with me?
OK! Cut the case. You know, for one thing. You never look at the times you’ve gotten yourself.
Neither do I. It’s simple. Cause we really have a whole lot time to do things without even thinking of what we’re doing these things for.
For all you know, it’s TIMELESS! Where or what we are doing, sometimes they doesn’t even make any sense. Why am I talking about these? Yes, for one reason, I think I have wasted a lot of time.
You know, this kind of stuff always done by us TEENS. Not to mention, it’s YOU! [:

No OFFENSE ok? I’m also a teen. So this means I’m wasting mine too. Let’s say, right now. Haha!
Even so, I’ve got a lot of assignments to be done. A Lot you see.
But not a single task is done. #how terrible is that?
I mean, phrases like “TIME IS PRECIOUS”. #or something like that.
I think I’m not using it wisely.
But heck, still I’m not aware that my time is about to end.
We humans really can’t predict when our lives will be taken.
Even in the slightest seconds, we’ll be vanished from this world to enter into another’s.

Every word, said by people, they were really meaningful.
Have you ever thought of something like this before?
About death? Well, I have.
You know what. Years before, I have once thought about ambitions.

Its not just me, but others was thinking about it as well.
And that once, I’ve never felt about it before. That not having any goal to achieve. That I’m lost. Nowhere to go. Nothing to start.
And then, I felt that I’m not gonna make it till 20 or something. It’s because I felt that my time has nearly come. I was afraid. Well, TOTALLY!
Its not that I thought about this once, but whenever my mind was thinking about me-to-be, I always ended up thinking like that.
But this is how it goes right?

If ALLAH wills it, then it will be. [:
Check your time,
once wasted, considered burned.

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