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Monday, October 10, 2011

just simple sayings

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

wah! so long it have been for me not to go blogging.
okay2 i know that everyone knows i'm on this mission for days ago.

the final exam
as you can remember
*this is just for those who are currently study in uitm that have been through this obstacle*

but hey, the waiting is over and it's us now having a great holiday ahead of us.
#probably its only for you guys. i'm not that kinda having a relaxation back home here. -_-"

and so, there! i've said it.
i'm back home loitering maybe, doing nothing but once again waiting.
aahhh! the waiting. it's the MUET exam fyi. and the final exam results.

really hoping that everything is gonna be fine.
pray for deary me will ya?
thanks a bunch!


Belle said...

hehe,same la kite weyh..ko sat MUET brape arybln? fighting ye watok^^

Belle said...

wahhh,janganlah tensen2 watok! enjoy je kat umah ;) ko stat MUET ble? haha..mari berusaha bersama2 ye~fighting!!

watok said...

haha tension? bkn muet xlme lgi. 12 ary bln dh prlu speaking huhu

Belle said...