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Saturday, May 05, 2012

progress seen

.السلام عليكم.

as long as i lived,
i'll always lend you a hand.

every teacher needs students to be taught.
but in my case, i'm not a teacher.
rather i volunteer to be as one.

i'll tell you where i work, teaching.
the best of the best place you ever want to enroll in.
*this, i recommend to bintuluans.

Medan Jaya Tuition Centre [PTMJ]
where you can pursue your dreams.
*oh yeah! this is what i'm talking about.

for starters, i really am not into teaching.
with those naughty children to handle through 2 hours.
*man, i'm not familiar with kids!
and thinking about ways how to teach them.
this is even harder than being a cashier.

but time passed by and i learnt from them.
this was how i learned back then.
i even reminiscent all the good memories that i've created there.
sure was good to be back.
*i even found pictures of me receiving trophies.

anyway, i see some progress in my students.
they really are working hard.
i know i'm not that strict, but sometimes my anger rises.
and well, it will triggers them for awhile.
*just for about 5 seconds or so, and the class will get noisy once more. huh.

all but a good day's work.
i felt great in making them understand what they have learnt.
phew! really makes my presence worth it.
*fyi, i don't have my voice back yet.

i hope they will remember what i taught somehow.
although its not that much but it will do for the time being.
and guess what, i think i enjoy teaching them right now. 
*haha! that is a good joke sister!

that's the story for today.


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