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Friday, May 04, 2012


.السلام عليكم.

i don't recommend you to use this title's word.
got that?

ok! here's the point.
i've received my latest result.
and guess what, i've no expectations for 'that' to happen.

man! i'm so busted! *sigh

you know the drill guys.
retake the test so that i can score.
like there's other easier way to do this.

i think i can't hope too much
but still, must have faith in myself.
it's too complicated you see.
*shedding tears.

the test is just around the corner.
conflicts rises day by day.
even so, i can't figure out how am i to do this.

two weeks will do. *maybe
many complications just burst out of nowhere.
and i'm feeling down. *huh?

i didn't tell anyone about this except someone.
*by the way, sorry guys. i didn't mean to not saying anything to you.
i can say that this is too private.
for me at least.

and now i've said it.
though not through you but via blog.
*it's not a big difference right? at least you know.

so, that's my part of story.
hoping this will be long forgotten in the future.

pray for me?
please and thank you!



NHS^___^ said...

watok...aqpham prasaan kau tok... sabar ea~ ttbe aq bce postkau ni,aq rse sdih gler.... x per,Allah lbh tahu ape yg terjadi kat kite! insyaallah......
kau boleh...

miss ira said...

trimas sahabat! :')
rindu kau!
will remember your advice.