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Thursday, April 26, 2012

i'm pissed already

.السلام عليكم.

trying to figure out how to teach students in better ways
question is, why so sudden?

just think of it as if i'm encountering a major problem when dealing with the class
plus, i am said to be a kind teacher.
*yeah, like where did that come from.

i can't possibly be mad at them for everything,
like all the students in that class is disobeying me
i tried to hold back my anger but as you know, humans always being unsatisfied. *that includes me too.

i have have had enough of this one human who is very talkative, *but i really don't care if a person always talk. it's better than having a dead silence class, right? but always perform less work.

i'm not sure whether i'm too kind to let the student do their own work or they always pissed the teachers off. i don't want to think. you get the pick.

sometimes, even racism is being brought up by them.
i don't know what's the big deal to bring it up.
but i'm quite sure sometimes they are dissatisfied with each other.

you know lower grades. heck! 
teaching them is like forever.

and so, this also gives me an extra headache.
all i can say is that i'm not interfering in their religion argument .*believe me cause if i'll do, i'll make it even worse and that's the last thing that i'll ever want to do!

i just sat quietly and hushed them to silence.
*yeah, like that'll probably the best solution anyway.
i was hoping for better things to happen
putting aside my own mixed feelings, i tried harder for the best results in the future.

.the end.

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