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Sunday, April 22, 2012

hectic times

.السلام عليكم.

not so long ago did i have written things in here.
i've gain experience day by day.
attending various work.

somehow i seem to be in a very tiring condition.
where :
1. might as well you count money all day long.
2. overcome the little kids in class, ought to teach them a lesson.

you might want to know how in the world i got involved in these two careers.
to be honest, i don't have a thought of it either. *frustrating isn't it?

but apart from this tiring thingy, i was able to cope with both.
*yeah, surprisingly i'm amused myself.

some part of me, wanted to work in both jobs. i don't know. if Allah wills it, i can do both. and i got paid good, that's a relief. :)

ouh! and the place that i was lucky to have the job is at :
           1. POPULAR bookstore.
           2. Medan Jaya Tuition Centre. 

fyi, i'm both a teacher and a cashier. so, i'm a very, very, very busy person. so, if you happen to see me online, or even texting you*maybe, its what i can called it my day off.

so good having the life as this one. 
i hope you find a good life of your own too.

seems to me, i need to stop writing now.
need to work tomorrow.
*/ai, caramba!Did i mention that i work 24/7?Good for me huh?\*


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