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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

what!! you insulted me.

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

mine is way more evil.

so what?
mine is so much better than your not-so-good accent.

*why did i say that?*
a person that wants to sell "linguaphone" needs to be attractive and full of spirits.
not "that" kind of spirit.
i mean the one that is full of words and etc.
you know. 
a salesperson.

for this jerk.

if i wanna buy something that is totally expensive, which i could predict.
i need to tell my parents first.
just for english course?
i mean.
we have 6 courses already.
plus this one?
i may dont have time to do it. practise this course back home.
but. ok. i just want him to stop blabbering about that thing.
he is so boring.
that is why i felt bored to hear his promoting style.

i told him in eng. accidentally.
i need to think about it.

he answered me suddenly in eng.
what do you have to think about?
you dont even know the price yet.
i know your english is too DAMN good.
if you want to tell your parents, you could inform them now.
*fyi he told us about this word DAMN GOOD for many times as if my english is too perfect.

i was so frust.
i need him to stop talking.
that's all.
but he kept telling us.
as if it is a must to buy that device.
what the heck?!

then he said.
you're not interested to improve your english skills?
even TAN SRI bought this device.
*hello! you say about him as if im that rich. think again mister!*

i just sat still.
mad of course!
with my friend.
thank ALLAH she's there with me.
that man is sucks.

my heart told me to say.
did you buy it too?
if you do, ill buy it.
but how come your speaking is still not that good?
if you didnt bought it, then let me sell them for you.
maybe customers will believe how my speaking is good by using those device when i promote it to them.

i hate him.

he did say.
you seem dont want to improve your english. 
well thats okay. 

say what?!
and that's how me and yana started talking about him. 

that is how i got in speaking again.
that dem salesperson.

*so, dearest friend. practice always and you might speak fluently over the years.
hopefully ill be more success by my own rather than using those devices.
thats all what i want to blabber about.
thanks for hearing what i am feeling right now. huhu :)

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