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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

+ the world where i stood +

.السلام عليكم.

what goes around comes around
not sure. terbalik ke? ape aku kesah.

duniakini, ceh! ape punye malay aku. wah wah wah
people seems to believe in what they see.
but not feeling like to believe deep from their heart.
*erm this one memang keluar tajuk, i'm sorry. lost of ideas.


kekadang, terfikir sejenak.
is this what my life looks like?
or is it just the beginning of it?
siapa tahu, xde sorang pun. it's only the creator who knows.
for HE who KNOWS everything.

i open my eyes and i see the blue sky.
i walk down a path and i see the green grass.
i greet my fellows and i see their sweet smile.

all of this *pointing in every direction. you experience them every single day.
surely, you must be grateful with what you've got but ....
sometimes, people doesn't feel satisfied.
i too have felt that way.

the question for now is WHY?

why do i feel like freedom when the others felt burden to do something that must be done?
why do others felt grateful but i'm not when i passed my exam results?
why do i feel like to buy things that i already bought in a short time?
*err, just an example.

you know why?
because we humans are not perfect.
ceh! tetibe cakap pasal perfect nih. ish!
every single heart have their own feelings and ... *feel free to add yourselves.
its simple and easy as that.

kepuasan dihati xdapat kita penuhi semuanya.
this is serious talk and i'm not joking.
tapi, bile kite tengok disekeliling kite.
urban life, kampong life and what-not life.

semuanya ada life and setiap life tu jugak ada beberapa jenis lifenya lagi.
kaya life, miskin life, pelarian life, .........
what can we do to make everyone's life happy?
NOTHING. *i know. you are objecting my point. i respect your opinion.
its not that we can help EVERYONE's life.
sutun-sutun sahaja yang boleh tapi bukan semua.

ramai orang banyak ragam.
seriously i freaked out when a certain someone who looks like homeless and have nothing went staring at me like, like, well. can't say anything. soooooo scary.

i know where i come from, and i know i'm from a decent place called bintulu but i never knew there was something more outside the world that i can't see with my own eyes.

terlalu banyak perkara yang ada didunia tapi hanya Allah Yang Maha Melihat, Maha Mengetahui apa yang terjadi didunia yang fana ini. *skema ayat.x tipu.

saya hanyalah seorang hamba kerdil, yang tidak tahu apa-apa.
hanya mampu melihat apa yang ada dekat dimata.
namun segelintir sahaja yang mampu dirasa dari dalam hati.

and i'm hoping for the best, praying for all of you so that you have the life you wanted and the world to be much better than ever.

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