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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

. No Shoe .

.السلام عليكم.

just now , i turned to those arabic channels . and for some reason , i don't know why i watched them .
maybe my heart is triggered to know what small info they have for me . and i gained some knowledge of it .

did u ever know that walking with your bare feet is a sunnah ?
i never knew it up until now . seriously .
there's a story behind it all .
even our prophet walks bare footed to his neighbor's houses to visit those who are ill .

we know that sometimes its dangerous to be walking around without a pair of shoes .
and thanks to those shoes that our feet are well protected .
but when we walked on nature without those pairs , it helps in the flowing of our body system .
our feet has the nerves that connects to the brain . which means the flowing of blood and all in our feet has some connections to the illness we had .

when the feet touches nature ( rocks , sand , etc. ) , it gives out -ve ions which were accumulated in our body .
and these ions are not much needed by our body . 
and so , some of us called it a therapy where we walk on rocks right ?
cause after that , we felt a little relaxed . not tensed up .

you'll have that feeling of relieved and whatnot .
and there was also a day when my lecturer said , " grab the chance to dive or immerse yourself in the water . it can relaxes your muscle and you'll feel refreshed . (: "
this can be done when you're going to a camping and found a river to bath . 

and these are the things i remembered today .
with love , ira .

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