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Sunday, April 07, 2013

the KKEC family

.السلام عليكم.

 hello peeps !
just wanna share a family i own here, in UiTM. they're the best i've got. before i forgot, KKEC stands for Komander Kesatria Endurance Challenge where we are the chosen one  who will go to UiTM Dungun to compete with other commandos in other UiTM.

this particular big event is held annually, and i am grateful to be chosen as its member. from here, i know my seniors who are caring, full of motivation, not to forget funny and strong. its very different from when i knew them before participate in this event where i always thought them as a tiger who just wants to leap at you and eat you. HAHAHAHA !

here are some pictures of them i've got. :)

i just paged them, this is today's event, cycling in bukit cerakah, shah alam.

there's more.

 they rocks !

same but different.

so, its not only the seniors i can know they're characteristics very well but also our own comrades which are 47 intakes. only 9 people including me. so this is all i've got. next time, i'll show you my unplanned hang out day. toodles ! :)

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