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Friday, March 09, 2012

~ life's a struggle ~

.السلام عليكم.

when you think of it
won't you agree with it ?

everyday, in our lives.
we've manage to move forward.
with every single steps we took, we dare to challenge ourselves doing sth that's impossible in our thoughts.
but these here shows that we can't do the things we've find it difficult without a struggle.

you see, most of the times, we find ourselves working hard to get things our way and some aren't possibly happens the way we wanted. although we may have do the things over and over and over again to gain perfection but as we speak, it can't precisely happens all the time. it's cause i've experience this before. though our lives are a wee bit different but i know that we live in the same way as other muslims' lives.

the BARAKAH is what we need in our lives. everything we do must be started with bismallah. even if it is just a simple task in our ordinary life but you must know that every actions we took is somehow related to our lives in the hereafter. if you know what i mean. prayers are not only meant to seek help from HIM but its to thank HIM in everything that HE had gave us. so, after all the years you have lived, have you ever thought of all the things that you have obtained ? be grateful of becoming a person today and live your life full of barakah. you have to fight in order to live. 

and apart from this, i know that you may suffer a lot while in your journey, but what's important is do not, i repeat DO NOT ever GIVE UP cause it's what makes life worse than you imagine. seek for happiness and pray to ALLAH to always be in the right path. we learn from mistakes and gain experience to be more mature in the future. so i hope you gain more courage to move forward and work harder to achieve your goals.

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