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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

"the awesomeness has passed"

.السلام عليكم.

R1 girls.

really really really felt the awesomeness at the camp.
err, gone to DUSUN ECO RESORT.
first time riding the back of a lorry to the camp. wow!
fyi, its worth going there. i mean seriously.
take lots of shots. and lots of activities.
overcome my weakness *a little bit.
the height. urgh! legs trembling hideously.
gone with me friends of R1.
felt the bonds between guys, i mean, seriously felt it.

us and afiq :)

R1 boys

awesome girls

activities we've done so far.
hanging bridge
flying fox
raft building
jungle trekking
inrush obstacles

jungle trekking

faez - guitarist

waiting for the lorry to go back, have a small entertainment.
haha thanks to the guitarist and the singer.

don't know his name. singer
*who forgets the lyrics
thanks you guys for the memoirs.
love the bonds. :)
really love ya!

jie and me and fatin

and that's the day of awesomeness.    

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Zaien Zafy said...

Missing you R1 members :(